Proposal: Mas Fajitas Restaurants

Mas Fajitas Mexican Restaurant

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Our team will migrate your site to our hosting platform, create a beautiful site with WordPress, and set it up to start capturing email addresses. Using our email marketing platform, we’ll create and configure a new account with advanced tagging and CRM functions. Our team will maintain these services each month,┬ásend your email newsletters and promotions, and keep

Project Start Date: July 25, 2016
Estimated Completion Date: August 29, 2016
Ongoing: Yes


Website Build and Design – Pro Level:

Install WordPress, Create MySQL Databases, Professional Setup, Create 5 SEO Optimized Pages, Add Your Custom Logo, On-page SEO, Hyperlink SEO, Connect to Social Media profiles, Premium Theme, Mobile Responsive Theme, plus Addons of: Connecting to 3rd party apps & plugins, Creating additional pages (10 total)

Email Marketing Services Setup – Pro Level:

Professional Registration of Administrator Account, Dedicated Email Servers, Multiple User Accounts, Create & Configure up to 5 Custom Tags with a Welcome Series, Marketing Automations and Autoresponders, Website Integration, Newsletter Design, Contact Management, Lead Scoring, Sales Automation, Integration with Client Management Tools

Also included:

  • Web Hosting – Unlimited Sites, with 99% up time
  • Website Management – Pro Level – Maintain and Monitor SEO, Maintain Website Software, Perform Website Upgrades and Updates, Up to 10 New Pages/Post/Listings/Products/Promotions per month, Enhanced Webmaster and Search Engine Indexing, Monitor and Submit Sitemaps to Google & Bing, Use of Premium Plugins installed on your site, *Best for dynamic sites & e-commerce

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