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xProposal: Bridgette Petrino – CLOSED WON

Welcome, Bridgette! Below, you’ll find a brief summary of our proposal. Below that, you’ll find the details. If you know you’re ready to get started, click here.


Our team will migrate your website to our hosting platform, and install a basic, free WordPress theme and as many of the plugins from your old site as we have access to.

Project Start Date: TBD
Estimated Project Duration: 72 hrs
Ongoing: Yes


Website Migration:

Install WordPress, Create MySQL Databases, Professional Setup, Migrate Existing Content to DwizzyWid Media’s servers, Hyperlink SEO, Install Free (or Default) WordPress Theme

Also included:

  • Web Hosting – Unlimited Sites, with 99% up time

If you accept and agree, choose your option below and click the button to get started