Introduction to Business 3.0

In the beginning, you hunted for your prey and gathered your crops; you kept what you needed and sold the rest. Fast forward a few millennia to the dawn of the internet age. New strategies, new tactics, and new ways of starting and growing a business come into play, changing the business landscape forever.

But not all businesses could keep up. Their owners were too tied to the past; unwilling to change and adapt or embrace the new way of doing business. Enter Business 3.0, where we combine business 1.0 strategies from the dark ages with business 2.0 tactics of the internet age and help companies around the world thrive in the new social economy powered by the internet.

Welcome to Business 3.0.

In upcoming episodes of Business 3.0, we’ll cover topics like:

  1. How to Choose an Email Marketing Service
  2. Should I blog for my business?
  3. How to increase customer retention
  4. How to use social media and the hottest apps to attract new customers
  5. and more

As a business owner myself, I know your time is short. So, each episode will cover only a single topic, and will only last 8-10 minutes.

But Ellory, what’s a dwizzywid? What does that even mean?

DwizzyWid is just the pronunciation of an acronym that we stand by and feature as the centerpiece of our business. That acronym is:

Do What You Say You Will Do and that phrase is the driving principle behind how we do business. It’s a constant reminder of how we treat our clients, our listeners, and our fellow business owners out in the community.

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