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Hi Campbell and team! Below, you’ll find a brief summary of our proposal. Below that, you’ll find the details. If you know you’re ready to get started, click here.


Short Term

Leading up to your next webinar (~ August 15th), our team will migrate your existing content from your Wix site and create a clean, streamlined website with WordPress. We’ll export/import as much as possible, and build a new site, making minor grammatical and formatting edits to migrated content along the way. We’ll connect your site to your 3rd party software for emails, webinars, etc., and build a webinar funnel with 3 or 4 pages to capture leads for future webinars.

Project Completion target date:
10 Days after Start
+3 Days for Webinar Funnel

Long Term

After the webinar, a continued partnership between DwizzyWid Media (DWM) and OM Partners (OMP), would allow us to implement tracking and retargeting tools. We’d also fully integrate your existing email database with your non-email marketing efforts. A long-term partnership would allow us to help you create a foundation for growing your business with content marketing and enable you to create a community of investors.

Project Completion target date:

Additional Information

We’ve split our proposal into two sections, short term, and long term. The Short-Term Proposal is for a new website built on WordPress and a landing page funnel. The Long-Term Proposal builds on the Short Term, but also includes other times critical to your larger, overall goal of creating a community around your brand.

Details: Short Term

Velocity Website Build Package – Due to time constraints, we need to move quickly. The Velocity Package will prioritize your website build and design on our schedule and can be up and running within 10 days of receiving your information. The Velocity Package includes a beautiful, mobile responsive website that looks great on every device, you can choose your own web hosting (or take our recommendation), there are no long-term contracts, and we’ll even integrate your site with Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel if you supply us with the information. We’ll also connect your site with your email marketing service if applicable. There’s an optional 2-hour knowledge transfer/training available as well.

Webinar Funnel Build – Our team will build up to 4 new pages in a series designed to capture leads for a future webinar. Pages included are 1 landing page, 1 single/double optin page, 1 optional please confirm page (for double optin), and 1 final confirmation page with custom information. If you choose single optin, we can exchange the optional “please confirm” page for a page that asks the webinar registrant to “complete their profile” and/or ask them for additional demographic information.

If you would like to move forward with this project, please choose the “Velocity Package + Webinar Funnel” option below.

Details: Long Term


Webinar Funnel

Convert More Leads




  • Up to 4 beautiful landing pages*
  • Lead capture connected to webinar and email software
  • Custom tracking code installed for you
  • Add custom tags to new leads
  • Assurance and peace of mind that your funnel was built by professional conversion experts
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    *WordPress Required

Friends and Family Referral Discount Applied @ Checkout

Velocity Package

Professionally Designed in Days, Not Months




  • A brand new, beautiful, mobile responsive website
  • Up & running in 10 days, not 10 weeks
  • Choose your own web hosting options
  • No long-term contracts
  • We'll NEVER hold your website hostage or lock you out
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    Integration with ALL tracking technology