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How to Use Your About Page to Put YOU Into Your Business

Business 3.0 Podcast with Ellory Wells

Not only is your About Page going to be one of the most viewed pages on your site, but it’s also where you can cut loose and have some fun. Whether you blog about leadership, share videos about vegan cooking, or create beautiful black and white photography, your About Page is a place where you can pull back the curtain and tell the world (and your customers) what you’re all about.

I learned a long time ago, though I didn’t realize it until it was almost too late, that people don’t care to read the blogs most businesses like to write. The reason? They suck. And the posts often have no personality behind them.

You’re not building another concrete and steel, faceless and heartless company. You’re building a business you can love, and that is uniquely your own. If you want a visitor to know, then like, then trust you, you’ve got to put “you” into every aspect of your business. To accomplish that task, you’re going to write a legendary About page.


  • Business 3.0 Podcast with Ellory WellsLearn the 5 Ws and the H of a quality About page:
  • How to use your About page to build trust with your visitors, followers and customers.
  • How to use your About page to showcase your expertise.
  • 3 Ways to Use Pokemon Go to Get More Traffic to Your Business
  • How to tell a story that illustrates how you figured out your strengths and how you use them to improve the lives of your clients.
  • How to use the words on this highly trafficked page to showcase your skills, share your story, and invite people into your world.
  • What should (and shouldn’t) be on your About page

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