How We Rank Higher and Perform Quality SEO

DwizzyWid Media does more than just create beautiful websites, provide email marketing services and sales funnels. We also ensure everything we create has SEO in mind and is optimized for ranking higher when people search for businesses in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

We would never use or recommend any “black hat” tactics that could harm or damage your brand.

Google Webmaster Guidelines

Over the years, Google has gotten smart. Really smart. No longer can you deploy “black-hat” techniques to try and boost your search rankings. In 2012, with the release of the Google Penguin update, many sites got penalized or even crushed in rankings. Our sites didn’t.

You don’t necessarily need a web designer who’s been in business or doing SEO for 15 years. In reality, anyone who’s been doing SEO since before 2012 has really only been doing SEO for 4 years. Right now, what Google says goes, and DwizzyWid Media keeps up to date with the latest in Google Webmaster Guidelines.

The DwizzyWid Media Approach to SEO

When we begin working with a client to manage or maintain their website, we usually perform SEO as well. We:

  • Build our sites on WordPress.
  • Make sure all of the permalinks are in the “.com/keyword-keyword-keyword” structure.
  • Install SEO plugins that enable us to change both the site-wide and page-specific metadata
  • Appropriately title each image’s filename and use SEO friendly alt tags
  • Use both short and long tail keywords to attract searchers with more specific searches
  • Add relevant tags and categories to all user-generated content
  • Generate sitemaps that can be submitted to both Google and Bing’s Webmaster tools
  • Submit your sitemaps twice a month to Google and Bing (on our Management Pro plan)
  • Recommend regularly updated content

The true success of our SEO efforts will be how your “organic search” traffic grows over the 6 months after we start working with you.

The SEO Checkers We Use

If you’d like the tools we use to check websites during reviews, here are some of them: