5 Must-Have Pages Your Small Business Website Needs

If your business’ website doesn’t have these 5 key must-have pages, you’re missing out on customers and losing revenue. But, don’t worry! In this episode you’ll learn what those pages are, what types of content should be on them, and the ONE THING every page on your website needs.

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  • Business 3.0 Podcast with Ellory Wells5 must have pages every website needs:
    • Home
    • Contact Me
    • About
      • WHO – Who you are & who are your clients
      • WHAT – What you do & what makes you an expert
      • WHEN – When you started
      • WHERE – Where you learned; where you live in the world; where you are in your journey
      • WHY – Why you are so passionate & why people need you
      • HOW – How did you get where you are & how can you help
    • Content Pages (for Blogs or Podcasts)
    • Store
    • Resources
    • FAQ
    • Start Here
  • The ONE THING every page on your website needs.

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