Website Management

website management optimization services

SEO, Traffic Analytics, Backups, Updates, Content Marketing... managing a website can be a full-time job! You've got a business to run; let our team take care of the rest.

DwizzyWid Media offers professional website management services. If you prefer to stay focused on your business and would rather not dive into making the changes to your site or blog, hire a pro, and we'll do it for you!

Why You Need Someone Actively Managing Your Website

Have you ever visited the website for a business only to find old, stale information? Did you leave wondering if the company was still around, that the restaurant was still open, or if the doctor was still practicing?

Websites that are not actively managed cause a rift between you and your potential customers. Broken links, missing images, and pinch-to-zoom layouts are bad for business and they hurt your brand. Let our team keep you current and ensure your website attracts customers instead of pushing them away.

Plus, we'll update your existing posts and pages, publish new ones for you, make sure your site is backed-up and secured, and you're getting the search traffic you need.

Why Us?

We're experts in content marketing, search engine optimization, and making sure your website is always available to serve your customers. When we manage your website, we'll perform weekly and monthly backups to ensure continuity and stability. We take your business seriously and do everything we can to create an amazing experience.

Now that you've got a beautiful website using the latest HTML5 design that's optimized for SEO, why not let us keep it running like a well-oiled machine? We'll keep it backed up, secured, and updated to the latest industry standards.

Website Optimization & Maintenance Services

Additional maintenance and optimization services are available that our team can perform each month. No need to become a website expert, let us handle everything under the hood and make sure your website is always secured, backed up, and up to date.

Basic Management

Professionally Designed in Days, Not Months




  • Our Team Will Maintain and Monitor SEO
  • Maintain Core Website Software, Plugins & Addons
  • Perform Site Upgrades and Updates
  • Up to 5 New Pages/Posts/ Listings/Products/Podcasts per month*
  • Monthly Site Backups
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    Stability Checks & Backup Policy
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    No long-term contracts
  • Email Support Only (48 hour response time)
  • Best for static sites

* Does not include new landing pages. New pages, posts, listings, products, podcasts, etc., may only be created within existing frameworks.

** Holiday hours may apply