5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Choose DwizzyWid Media

The number of companies out there who provide website, marketing, and systems services to business is staggering.

How do you know which one is right for your business? How do you know which company offers the right services to help you grow your business?

reasons you shouldn't choose us

Knowing who is the right choice is only half of the equation. The other half is narrowing your search and determining who is NOT the right fit for you.

Here at DwizzyWid Media, we strive to focus on the clients with whom we can have the biggest impact. We strive to only take on clients who we know we can help.

To help you make your decision about which company you should work with to build and manage your websites, create email marketing systems and funnels, and provide expert advice, we’ve come up with these five reasons you should not choose DwizzyWid Media as your online business partner.

We’re Not the Cheapest Provider

Quality products take time to make. We prefer to take a consultative approach with all of our clients to truly understand their business, their goals, and what they want to accomplish in the marketplace. Armed with that knowledge, we’re able to provide guidance and make suggestions that lead to better results.

Additionally, we aren’t the cheapest because we don’t crank out work on an assembly line, and we don’t handle thousands of jobs all at once. We want to do the job right, and that is often a process (though we can still work pretty fast!).

We’re a Small Business

There are a lot of companies out there with hundreds (or thousands) of employees. You can call them 24/7, 365 days a year. We’re not one of those companies.

We keep a small team of dedicated sales people, technical wizards, and marketing experts. When you call or email us, you’ll know who is on the receiving end.

We keep small business hours, small business dedication to quality, and small business values, all while providing big business consistency and capability.

We Use Customizable Templates

A completely custom website, email marketing campaign, or sales funnel, could cost your business several thousands of dollars. And, they might not work.

At DwizzyWid Media we use customizable templates. Instead of re-engineering a website, campaign or funnel from scratch each time, we use a recipe that’s proven to get results and one that we can tweak to meet your needs and the goals of your business.

Though we occasionally run into limitations in software or code, the frameworks we use are highly customizable, and they allow us to keep our costs down, provide quick turnaround on our clients’ requests, and still provide amazing work.

We Haven’t Been Around for Forever

If you want a company that’s been around for decades, we’re not it.

DwizzyWid Media was founded in 2014 after our owner, Ellory Wells, decided he wanted to provide quality products, services, and resources to a growing market of entrepreneurs. His love of technology and passion for learning about how the internet works have enabled him to become a respected expert and one who keeps up to date with changes in the digital marketplace.

How the internet works, how search engines index and rank websites, and how new technologies can be used to drive traffic and revenue, are all examples of how our world is changing. We feel that our relative newness is an asset, not a liability.

Plus, we’re not new to business, just a new business. Our team members bring decades of experience in sales, marketing, and IT to the table.

We Don’t Have a Portfolio of Thousands of Clients

If you want to browse a thick catalog of businesses we’ve worked with, you won’t find it. Not only have we been around for less than ten years, but part of what we do is coaching and consulting which leaves a smaller catalog to show you.

However, one thing you’ll find about working with us is that we’re a dedicated team. We’re the underdog, and we’ve got a lot to prove.

Companies with thousands of clients tend to treat those clients as numbers instead of a people. You won’t find that here at DwizzyWid Media. We believe that the best business card is a satisfied client. A referral given happily is how we plan on growing our business, and we treat every client like a valued friend and trusted partner.

It’s Decision Time

Our cards are on the table. You now know what type of company we are, where our strengths (and weaknesses) are, and how we approach our business. We want to help you be so successful that you’ll partner with us forever.

Now it’s decision time. If you’d like to work with DwizzyWid Media and partner with us to upgrade your business, click here to get started!


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